Payouts: 97/100
Bonuses: 90/100
Customer Service: 98/100
Overall Score

5Dimes has an impeccable reputation when it comes to payouts.   There are an impressive amount of wagering options. Two live in action sportsbooks that cater to those that like to bet in game. Two poker rooms including a skin on the network that has Americas Card room for all the virtual felt action one could want. Virtual and live casinos for table game and slot action in the comfort of your own home. A racebook that has an extensive list of the most popular horse racing venues all over the world. This is one of the best MLB betting sites in the business.  Let us examine how they perform against the stringent criteria we have for our sports wagering dollar.


Rewards Section

5Dimes prefers to call their promotions rewards. What gives them an advantage here over most others is the tailoring of these packages to the individual client. A new customer has the default setting of reduced juice. What this equates to is a discount on the vig that the book charges you to place the bet. For example, a normal -110/-110 line is lessened to -105 on most events that 5Dimes offers wagering on. You won’t get better MLB lines for run lines or totals.  They don’t release their odds as quickly as BetOnline does, but then again no one does.

Now, there are plenty of other reward programs a person can opt into but note that only one can be used at a time. Unfortunately, they start the moment you elect to make the switch and can’t be backdated.  The On the House Reward program credits an 8th and even 9th deposit average amount to your account should you run into a prolonged string of bad luck. A Casino rebate is another program for those whose main interest lies in this aspect of online gambling. One can shift the spread a bit with the Point Mover Special Rewards. Free payouts are possible as well as earning free plays on deposits and reloads. Their website is very transparent with what you can and can not do in each of these options. Do the research, and ask questions in their live chat to find the best of this bounty for you.

5Dimes is my top choice for betting on baseball each summer.


Before we get into the particulars of their funding methods, this is one of the best sportsbooks on the Internet in terms of flow of funds. 5Dimes is very responsible and responsive in both the deposit and withdrawal aspects. They always pay. This is of paramount concern to the sports bettor. 5Dimes is established with a rock solid foundation in terms of fiances. This is why legions of people keep coming back to this site.

Bitcoin, person to person, and bank wires are just the tip of the iceberg here in terms of depositing and cashing out at 5Dimes. Transfers from other major sportsbooks and individual users are here and almost always free. Credit card deposits are seamless. A verification process has to be done before cashing out if one elects to use their credit card to fund their account.  But, the good news is that the process is straight forward and can be completed in a short time frame. The caveat with 5Dimes is that they explore and add the newest options to get funds to and from your account for great flexibility in regards to funding.


Wagering Platforms

Our primary concern with a user interface is that a person can clearly see what they are wagering on, how much it will cost them, what the return is, and when the event is expected to start. Using this as a launching point, 5Dimes accomplishes all of this. This in and of itself is quite formidable considering the mind boggling amount of sports and events that can be bet on using their site.

Few can accuse 5Dimes in trying to sell their customers on impulse purchases. There are many sites that have better visual mediums for their betting experience. The mobile site tries to be an exact translation of the PC side of the business. It is great to have this aspect to strike quickly from anywhere when one gets that recommendation or hunch before the big game. However, it does not foster an atmosphere to roam through the offerings. I have never made a mistake in placing a bet especially with their password confirmation stage to confirm the wager. It is odd that on other sites I will discover things to bet on and go to 5Dimes then to ferret out the location and place the bet.

Customer Service

Even though they offer a toll free phone number for issues and placing wagers, the live chat feature is what most people avail themselves to at 5Dimes. They are always quick to respond no matter what the time day or night. Be prepared for the following aspects of interaction with the customer service representatives. Your account number and password must be provided. This is normal procedure here but has caused some uneasiness giving a chat window your credentials. I have never had a problem with unauthorized access at 5Dimes. The other concern is common among most call centers or service departments of considerable size. While every person is well versed in English, slang and obscure betting terms might be an impediment. If this is the case, ask to be switched to another rep and the next one should know what you are familiar with this tone of conversation. The few unusual circumstances one has in their dealings with 5Dimes are solved in a quick and efficient manner almost always through their live chat function.

Bet Sizing Lives Up to Their Name

5Dimes earns their name by virtue of their maximum bet being $5,000 of the base amount. Minimum wagers in the sports book are a mere 50 cents. Some really wild props have a ceiling of $50 bets. The Live platforms of wagering witnesses a ceiling of $500 per bet. Often one can place additional bets. Main reason for the limits is for the book to have the opportunity to move the line or price after a large sized speculation. That punters in Vegas utilize this as an option in their ventures tells us that they can handle almost all of our action.

5Dimes has every aspect of what a sportsbook should have. Funds are always safe and easy to access. So many offerings that even the experienced can find new sports to explore. Software might be a tad dated is the only criticism we have here. This site caters both to those that want both entertainment and sports betting profit. Deposit at 5Dimes and flourish in your pulse pounding MLB handicapping adventures today.