Baseball knowledge can consistently pay off when utilized for betting MLB games. The ability to interpret the landscape, judge momentum properly, and handicap starting pitching gives you the leg up verses the baseball odds set by sports books.

An optimal path for profit exists in the online sportsbook market. This is an industry where reputation is everything.  Sound financial planning along with an established presence online are main indicators of a reputable betting site.  You want a place where your winning wagers will result in quick cash when you decide to make a withdrawal.

We have scoured the Internet with our stringent criteria to provide you with the best options.  This way you can use one of our top MLB handicappers and turn their knowledge into quick cash.  From the start of the regular season all the way until the last out of the World Series, our guys will release free baseball picks to help you win more of your wagers.

How We Ranked the Best Baseball Betting Sites for Wagering

So what are you looking for in a book during baseball season?  Let’s take a look at my four keys.

1.  Dime Lines

The first thing are dime lines.  Lots of books use the standard 20 cent line, which means there are 20 points of juice between the favorite and the underdog.  A game with -130 favorite will have a +110 underdog.

However, most books offer only 10 cents of juice for MLB.  This reduces the “tax” you pay on your bets by half.  Using 20-cent lines instead of dime lines makes your job twice as difficult.  Will it hurt you if you are just playing one weekend while you are in Vegas?  Probably not.  But, if you are grinding out an entire season the savings can really add up.

2.  Early Lines

The opening numbers offered by the books are not the sharpest.  They are really just the bookmakers opinion on the game.  By the time bettors start hammering it and the line moves, the odds get more accurate.  By the time the game goes off the line is definitely tighter.  If you are with a book that opens their lines extremely early, you have the opportunity to be rewarded by jumping on before the numbers move.

3.  Options

There are times when you want to make different types of bets.  Money lines are very common as are run lines and totals.  But there are occasions when you want to go with a first five innings bet, or a futures wager.  You need a book that provides those options.

4.  Variety

It’s important to shop around.  With just a few mouse clicks you can make sure that you get the best number before you place any bets.  Obviously, the more outs you have the better numbers you are going to get.  Again, over the course of a season that is really going to add up.

List of the Top Online MLB Betting Sites for Baseball Wagering

So which books have the best numbers?  Here are our favorites.

Fast Opening Lines : BetOnline

One of the advantages that the gambler has over the books during baseball season is that there is a rush to market in setting the lines. Each book wants to be first as it offers a competitive advantage.  But, the early lines are typically quite a bit off of the closing number.

If you know what you are doing you can take advantage of the early odds.  BetOnline prides themselves in providing some of the earliest overnight lines in the business. Often one can put in an initial wager on the money line or total then come back the next day to take the other side.  This gives you a generous opportunity for a middle.  BetOnline is indispensable for those bettors who are confident in their own ability to set the lines and want to get their action in early.

For more information check out our BetOnline review.

Best Underdog Odds : Bovada

Bovada has the most progressive attitude when it comes to rewarding underdog wagering. They have a lot of public action.  Since they have low limits they don’t have to worry about getting hit with big wagers.  That means that they shade the favorites, giving you better numbers on any game where you like the underdog.

So if you embrace the attitude of betting underdogs regularly during the season then Bovada is essential. This site is renowned for their ultra steady credit card deposits that allow people to deposit for smaller amounts than almost any other establishment.

Get more information in our Bovada review.

Plentiful Promotions : GTBets

Free plays are the promotion that can either get you off the ground running or be that parachute to have one’s bankroll land safely should events transpire against you on the diamond. It is a reward for a deposit onto GTBets. It allows for wagers to cash if won but not dent your bankroll should they lose. This represents a cushion for your bankroll to keep you in the game longer. With over a decade experience online, GTBets gets you your cash quickly whenever you want to make a withdrawal.

Our full GTBets review has more information on this sports book.

Up-And-Comer: MyBookie

MyBookie is relatively new but their management staff has been around for years.  They offer generous bonuses with wagering options on everything from sports and casino to horses and presidential elections.  Their user interface is easy to manage and their customer service team is top notch.

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These four sites represent our top choices for those who bet on baseball. The earliest lines, most expansive offerings, extra profit on underdog wagering, and plentiful promotions comprise the essential list to enable players like myself to profit during the summer months.

If you have a question on any of these books or others online, feel free to contact the staff at MLB Baseball Free Picks.  We are more than happy to assist you.