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Free Baseball Parlay Calculator for MLB Lines

How the Money Line Calc Works for Betting MLB Baseball

Parlays are payouts based on the possibility of two or more bets winning.  Your payout is determined by the likelihood of each of the events happening without a loss.

What is the math behind the how the payouts are calculated?  I’m glad you asked.  Find the baseball lines for the games you want to take.  For favorites the formula is (money line +100)/money line.  For underdogs you use (money line +100)/100.  This turns the percentage chance of your team winning into a factor.

You then multiply the factor of each game, subtract 1, and then multiple the result by your bet size and you get your winnings!  A great way to risk a small amount and get a big return when you bet on MLB this summer.

Of course, it’s easier to just use the calculator above.  You just punch in the lines on each one of the legs you want to take into the odds column, enter your wager amount and the payout row will give you the return from your wager!

Bets Odds
Bet #1
Bet #2
Bet #3
Bet #4
Bet #5
Bet #6
Bet #7
Bet #8
Bet #9
Bet #10
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Payout: $