Baseball betting needs to be treated like any other transaction involving money. I would not buy the first car I see without shopping for the best deals, so the same thing should be done when placing a bet. I like to keep accounts with several of the biggest MLB betting sites to make sure I always get the best odds possible. This process is called line shopping, and it can be done when placing bets on the money line or any other option. Line shopping is the only way to increase winnings without having to risk more money.  It’s just solid money management.

Money Lines

The money line is the way to place a bet on who wins outright. All I have to do when betting the money line is correctly pick the winning team. Since there is no point spread involved, picking a heavily favored team will pay far less than an underdog. I like to start this process off by finding a team that I believe is highly likely to win on that given day. Once I have determine the game I wish to bet on, it is time to start line shopping.

It is entirely possible that one sportsbook can have the Chicago White Sox at +150 odds while another sportsbook has them at +140 odds. I am obviously going to choose the sportsbook offering the +150 money line because I will win more money if the Chicago White Sox win. Choosing to place the bet at the +150 money line will allow me to win $150 on a $100 bet instead of $140 at the other sportsbook. I just earned an extra $10 by placing the exact same bet. All I had to do was take the time to shop the betting lines.


The same thing can be done when betting the total of a game. The sportsbooks will set an estimated combined total score for each MLB game. I can then place a bet if I believe the real combined total score will be over or under the number estimated by the sportsbook. I like to start off the total score betting process by finding a MLB game I believe will be very high or low scoring.

Line shopping a total score line is a lot different than line shopping a money line bet. If I believe the game between the Boston Red Sox and Toronto Blue Jays is going to be high scoring, then I am going to look for the sportsbook with the lowest total score line. The opposite is true if I think a game is going to be low scoring. If I think the Los Angles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants are going to be in a low scoring game, then I will shop for the highest total score line.

And not every totals bet on a MLB game offers the same payout.  The line on a specific total can be different.  Sometimes you can take OVER 7.5 at -125 or the OVER 8 at +100.  You have to decide which offers a better value.  A one run difference in the total score line can be the difference between winning or losing a bet. Sports betting is not easy, so it is always I good idea to increase the odds whenever possible.


The best thing that can happen with your line shopping is arbitrage.  This happens when you see the favorite at -108 and the underdog at +110.  You can bet it both ways at different books and guaranteed yourself a profit!  Now, these days those opportunities are rare, but they still can and do happen.


It only takes a few seconds to line shop my bets, but it has the potential to drastically increase my winnings on any given night. Not taking the time to line shop bets is basically the same thing as throwing away money in a trash can, so it is well worth the extra time and effort.