Payouts: 93/100
Bonuses: 95/100
Customer Service: 92/100
Overall Score

Paradise has come to the Internet for the recreational gambler.  It’s called Bovada. An engaging graphical interface that makes shopping their wide selection a snap. Options include a sportsbook, racebook, virtual casino, and a massive poker room.

What generates a significant portion of their action is the virtual felt. They have the largest player pool for cash play among any US serving poker room. The use of anonymous numbers describing the players at the table takes a while to get used to but their cash and tournament play is unrivaled.

We will examine the entirety of this site in five distinct categories and judge to see how they stack up to our stringent criteria for your wagering dollars.

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Promotional Offerings

Specialized bonuses are the butter on the bread at Bovada. Each section of the site has their own distinct bonuses to take advantage of. Free plays proliferate the sportsbook side. Casino bonuses can be differentiated between slots and table games. The poker part features a 100 percent deposit bonus, poker points, royal flush bonuses, as well as freerolls and other promotional tournaments. The onscreen interface gives you clear indication of which bonuses a person can use at this time. Cashier’s screen also provides information on how much of your bankroll can be withdrawn and what portion is locked if one is in the middle of the rollover requirements. There is plenty of opportunity to not only extend the play you get for your money but increase the chances of cashing out as a winner.


This company is embracing the option for electronic transfer of funds. Their use of the crypto currency Bit Coin as a medium for both deposits and withdrawals has been met with success. Turnaround times can often be seen in just a day’s time from cashout requests. Deposits via credit cards are available. They have the rare ability to be able to use American Express, Mastercard, or Visa for deposits. With a minimum being only $20, gamblers on a budget flock to this site.

An above solid reputation in cashouts has made this site one of the most popular destinations for the sports bettor.


Bovada’s graphical interface for their sportsbook is vibrant and easy to navigate. They highlight many events that are just about to close so that those games we might have forgotten about can still be wagered on. Each major sport and most smaller ones have their own unique screen so attention does not get diverted from the task at hand. What really stands out about this sportsbook is their live wagering platform. Clicking on it creates a separate pop up window. Selection is plentiful with even recently concluded offerings in this format kept to the left of the screen to see how they cashed. Updates are frequent. Most importantly is the placement of a successful wager here occurs much more often than on other sites. This creates an almost hypnotic ebb and flow that creates interest and rabid followers of this style of sports wagering.

For the other two major sections in Bovada, the interface is not as strong. Casino options such as the slots are gorgeous but the table games are similar to other sites. The poker portion of the site is the largest that serves the US market. A downloadable client is very efficient. Surfing through the cash table and tournament offerings presents crystal clear information. Bet sizing and other aspects of the action are easy to do. The graphics tend to be more simplistic but it does not deter whether your purpose is entertainment or profit.

Means of Communication

Ease of access to customer service at Bovada is above average. The two paths of communication available for questions, comments, and concerns are electronic correspondence and a toll free phone number. What is handy is that the online interface has an instant method to send an email. An immediate reply is sent with a tracking number to confirm that the message sent did not land in limbo. Replies are almost always within twenty four hours. The custom answers are well written and clear on both intent and message.

Phone communication is your best bet to get to the second tier of support. Supervision is friendly and can handle those rare situations where the customer service representative does not have the authority to make the final decision. There is also a department named Player Advocacy at Bovada. A path for appeals on rare differences in opinion on how a bet was graded or voided. The rules in which they do so are very transparent and Player Advocacy will adhere to them on the ultra rare case in which supervision gets it wrong. They are one of the more fair sites out there with a system of checks and balances that seem to work in the customer’s favor.

Minimum/Max Bets

Minimum in most every case in wager size dealing with the sportsbook is $1. Now the maximum bet sizing depends on the bet type and sport that it is placed in. Football and oddly enough MMA have a $2,000 ceiling for wager size. Basketball comes in for the $1,000 upper limit. $500 is the norm for props and futures in most sports. The racebook side of the book can handle up to $300 bets with the max win allowed in horse racing being $50,000. While not the largest, this meets almost every need of the recreational gambler wanting to dabble in sports.

A special note about their sportsbook action has to be given. For the top percentage of sports gamblers, Bovada will assign dual lines. What this entails is that the prices for the masses on a moneyline will not be what a special class of winners will be charged. They get a slightly inflated cost of doing business as Bovada makes no bones about it being a recreational book. This is the only aspect of a top flight organization that can frustrate a few people. Bovada has a sterling reputation of prompt payment. Great interface that is easy to navigate. Tons of promotions with some being very specific to the desires of their customer base. Significant sports offerings with a vibrant casino that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home. Mobile platform that is above average with a bet sizing that most casual gamblers will be satisfied with. Safe and innovative action with a top flight poker room are just a few of the highlights why a deposit at Bovada steers you into safe waters in the ocean of wagering sites on the Internet.