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Money Management

Money management is the number one reason why most gamblers lose with their baseball betting.  It is just as, if not more important, than how many of your MLB picks win.  You might be following the best baseball handicappers in the world, but without proper money management you will end up with less money than… Read More »

Handicapping Bullpens

One of the most under-rated baseball handicapping strategies has to do with looking at bullpens.  A good and rested bullpen has a higher chance of protecting your team’s lead.  A bad bullpen will really play with your emotions.  Imagine your team ahead in the late innings, you can almost feel the money you won already… Read More »

Using MLB Matchups for Betting

Figuring out how a pitcher compares to a hitter comes down to much more than simple stats like ERA and batting average (learn how to calculate those stats). If you are going to bet baseball intelligently, these things should be considered.  But, if you really want to be good at MLB handicapping then you must… Read More »